One simple Tool keeps your business connected to each member of your B2B e-commerce community. Focus on the unique needs of each Buyer, and grow your business -- and theirs -- into the future


Who Is JuniperCRM For?

If you are a mid-size or larger wholesale vendor, JuniperCRM will equip your Sales Reps and Inside Sales team to improve and expand their sales. 

With their 360˚ view of each customer, your sales force will be able to deliver consistent and superior customer experiences, from prospect to transaction.


Why Do You Need It?

JuniperCRM provides a streamlined, transactional tool that creates new opportunities for Sellers. This simple tool provides you with a precise combination of automation, intelligence, collaboration, and enablement.

Now that Juniper has handled all this, spend your time strengthening relationships and providing a great buying experience for your customers. We all know happy buyers grow sales...and smiles all around.

Benefits of JuniperCRM

Receive a single, 360˚ view of every customer
Enrich your customer information
Nurture leads and manage pipelines
Review recent customer activity
See open carts, wish lists, and cases
Log every activity with a customer
Capture customer orders
Just the tools you need -- no bloat

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“I think it’s a great little success story and reflects what is possible as a quick return on their time investment.”

IMC_di Salesperson Mike Harrisabout BIDKHome

“(Your rep) was always present with such an optimistic attitude and her willingness to help was appreciated. Thanks for all she has done.”


Bridging the Gap Between Physical and Digital


International Market Centers (IMC), acquired by Blackstone and Fireside Investments in 2017, serves as the center of commerce for the furniture, gift, home decor, and apparel industries, bringing buyers and sellers from all over the world together through physical markets in Atlanta, High Point, and Las Vegas. We connect 8,500 exhibitors and lines with hundreds of thousands of buyers annually.

Now with the launch of Juniper, IMC offers the premier omnichannel solution that seamlessly connects physical and digital wholesale commerce.