One simple Tool keeps your business connected to each member of your B2B e-commerce community. Focus on the unique needs of each Buyer, and grow your business -- and theirs -- into the future


Who Is JuniperCRM For?

If you are a mid-size or larger wholesale vendor, JuniperCRM will equip your Sales Reps and Inside Sales team to improve and expand their sales. 

With their 360˚ view of each customer, your sales force will be able to deliver consistent and superior customer experiences, from prospect to transaction.


Why Do You Need It?

JuniperCRM provides a streamlined, transactional tool that creates new opportunities for Sellers. This simple tool provides you with a precise combination of automation, intelligence, collaboration, and enablement.

Now that Juniper has handled all this, spend your time strengthening relationships and providing a great buying experience for your customers. We all know happy buyers grow sales...and smiles all around.

Benefits of JuniperCRM

Receive a single, 360˚ view of every customer
Enrich your customer information
Nurture leads and manage pipelines
Review recent customer activity
See open carts, wish lists, and cases
Log every activity with a customer
Capture customer orders
Just the tools you need -- no bloat

“I think it’s a great little success story and reflects what is possible as a quick return on their time investment.”

IMC_di Salesperson Mike Harrisabout BIDKHome

“(Your rep) was always present with such an optimistic attitude and her willingness to help was appreciated. Thanks for all she has done.”