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Best-in-class online wholesale marketplace now open for business

  • Set up shop instantly to access tens of thousands of Buyers
  • Display and categorize your products for direct sale to Buyers
  • Transact securely within a PCI compliant ecosystem
  • Receive orders, review previous orders, send updates, and receive real-time shipping notifications.

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A turn-key e-commerce website tool for wholesale vendors and sales reps

  • All-in-one platform to manage your web presence
  • Multiple tiers offered
  • Mobile-friendly design with smart search features and built-in SEO
  • PCI compliant for secure checkout
  • Access to complete customer order history

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A mobile Sales tool that allows you to generate orders and manage customer relationships whether at Market or on the road

  • Eliminate human error and decrease administrative costs
  • View live inventory and check order status
  • Assemble orders in minutes; configure and sell containers of goods on the fly
  • Manage your territory completely with integrated sales reports
  • Build and share personalized presentations using up-to-the-minute data available at your fingertips, online or offline

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JuniperCommerce Data

A simple yet powerful Product Information Management and Synchronization system

  • Collect, manage, and enrich your product data and assets in one tool
  • Control product presentation across the web
  • Create custom product feeds to your website and marketplaces
  • Allow retailers to download product data and images directly (free for retailers)
  • Sell better and smarter, with less time and lower costs

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JuniperCommerce CRM

A new Customer Relationship Management tool giving B2B Sellers a 360° view of their customers

  • Nurture leads and manage pipelines
  • Enrich your customer information and log every activity with a customer
  • Capture customer orders and review recent customer activity
  • See open carts, wish lists, and cases
  • Precisely deploy automation, intelligence, collaboration, and enablement in a single tool

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