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Year-round, Sellers can now wield all the marketing power of IMC with a keystroke. By seamlessly uniting the physical and digital marketplace, Juniper is taking the B2B wholesale market experience to a whole new level. Your virtual Marketplace presence keeps your product available any time, everywhere, and your data managed continuously across a single channel.


Bridging the Gap Between Physical and Digital



International Market Centers (IMC), acquired by Blackstone and Fireside Investments in 2017, serves as the center of commerce for the furniture, gift, home decor, and apparel industries, bringing buyers and sellers from all over the world together through physical markets in Atlanta, High Point, and Las Vegas. We connect 8,500 exhibitors and lines with hundreds of thousands of buyers annually.

Now with the launch of Juniper, IMC offers the premier omnichannel solution that seamlessly connects physical and digital wholesale commerce.