By seamlessly uniting the physical and digital marketplace, Juniper is transforming B2B commerce in the industries served by IMC. 

    Juniper simplifies and streamlines the Market experience at every touchpoint, and creates a wholesale community where members can stay connected however they choose...anytime, everywhere.


    Our Story

    Juniper was born from the knowledge, experience and relationships gained from more than 60 years of bringing wholesale buyers and sellers together at physical markets, coupled with the resources and expertise of two leading edge technology companies.

    As the wholesale buying process for Home, Gift and Apparel goods has evolved, so have we. 

    IMC operates more than 20 million square feet of premiere showroom space in Atlanta, Las Vegas and High Point that serves the Furniture, Gift, Home Décor and Apparel industries. We take great pride in our 60 years of relationship-building and industry knowledge.

    So, powered by IMC, Juniper was fashioned out of these decades of experience, by a team that was born and raised in the industries we serve. 

    To accelerate our progress in connecting Sellers and Buyers without interruption, we acquired two leading technology companies already entrenched in the industry, RepZio and Pharos.


    With this parentage, Juniper became the only fully integrated sales and marketing platform for all the industries supported by IMC. Juniper seamlessly connects our physical and digital markets, where we now serve as the center of B2B commerce for the furniture, gift, home decor, and apparel industries across all channels. 

    The Juniper suite of digital tools are available in multiple tiers, allowing businesses of all sizes to customize solutions to their specific needs. Sellers and Buyers both benefit from Juniper as they traverse from Market to road sales to online and back again, experiencing uninterrupted connectivity and unlocking new marketing power.

    Juniper offerings will continue their ongoing innovation and expansion, not only creating the capacity to take B2B commerce to the next level, but propelling it into the future.

    “Creative Co-Op and Bloomingville USA launch Spotlight’s salesforce automation tools with immediate improvements in road sales of 15-20% YOY.”

    Adam SchrierCreative Co-Op

    “Just since onboarding...we have had inquiries and one possible custom order working with a new buyer. We all wanted to let you know our big milestone!”


    TraceyTwo Lumps of Sugar