​Expand Your Reach and Drive New Business

    Leveraging IMC’s 60+ years in the wholesale market business and existing relationships with hundreds of thousands of buyers, JuniperMarket offers the broadest buyer reach of any online marketplace for the gift, home and lifestyle industries.


    Why JuniperMarket

    • Designed with You in Mind
      JuniperMarket is the first and only digital marketplace designed with agencies, reps and brands in mind. It’s designed to maintain and grow the direct connection between reps and buyers.
    • Start Strong
      Just like IMC physical Markets that drive +5MM unique website visits per year, JuniperMarket amplifies your exposure through its robust database and omni-channel marketing strategies. 
    • Active, Not Passive, Selling
      On the road, at Markets and NOW online, JuniperMarket is the only marketplace solution that empowers brands and reps with more and better tools to connect with buyers and grow business year-round.
    • Quality Plus Quantity
      Just as you’ve come to expect at an IMC Market, JuniperMarket includes the highest standards for buyer credentialing, the largest database of retailers in the industry, and the leading agency and vendor brands in North America.
    • Tap the Ecosystem
      JuniperMarket is part of a powerful, connected suite of e-commerce tools. Gain the efficiency of one place to onboard all your products, JuniperData, and many ways to get discovered on IMC market websites and grow online and year-round sales on JuniperWeb, JuniperSales (2022) and JuniperCRM (2022).
    • Best-In-Class Service and Support
      The JuniperMarket Customer Success team is already working closely with your rep agencies to make the end-to-end process easy. From onboarding to training and from ongoing service and support, our commitment to your success is unrivaled.

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