Harness the power of your data to assist your Sales Reps and make the most of every moment and every interaction. Use the information to strengthen relationships and grow your business into the future.


What Can JuniperData Do?

Our user-friendly PIM and Synchronization system enables Sellers and Agencies to manage product data in one central location. Handle images, videos, sales sheets, and inventory to keep your e-commerce websites, digital catalogs, email, paid ads, and marketplaces up-to-date. 

Not only can you share all this managed data across IMC’s websites and all Juniper software, you can also share directly to other e-commerce platforms.


Unlike custom PIM solutions that are costly to build and maintain, JuniperData is an efficient and effective all-in-one solution that is integrated with the other products in Juniper. 

Sell better and smarter, with less time and lower costs.

Why do I need a JuniperData when I already use spreadsheets or other tools?

Manage Product Data One Tool
  • Collect, manage and enrich your product data in a single place
  • Improve the quality and consistency of product data
  • Create and deliver compelling product content
  • Categorize and link products
Control Product Presentation Across the Web
  • Ensure data and images are optimized and updated across channels
  • Maintain quality and comprehensiveness of data 
  • Allow retailers to download product data and images directly (free for retailers)
Replace Time-Consuming Spreadsheets
  • Quickly find, update, and share data
  • Link images, media and documents to products
  • Create custom product feeds to your website and marketplaces
  • Locate everything in one centralized product database

“The sale might not happen that day but it sure seems to happen within a month down the road. I automatically get any orders sent to me so that I can follow up.”

Donna F.Canadian Sales Rep

“From the beginning of the process, (your rep) has shown leadership and guidance every step
of the way.”