New Release Notes

The Juniper Suite of digital tools is the newest evolution in our 60 years of bringing Buyers and Sellers together. And we plan to continue making progress on that same path, greeting each next horizon in connectivity with more opportunity for you and your business.

We will always be growing to keep your business growing, so be sure to follow our updates here. We’re taking B2B commerce to the next level…for you!

Professional Services

Here at Juniper, we are proud of the straightforward nature and user-friendly design of our SaaS products. We’re equally proud of the user support provided to you by our Customer Success department, fully and ably staffed by CSMs, Onboarding Specialists, Support and Service Teams. These knowledgeable and congenial specialists are happy to ensure you are able to easily wield every ounce of power provided by your Juniper solution. Connectivity isn’t just for your tools, it’s for your benefit.


Quickly learn to wield the full power of your Juniper solution, then get back to the business of your business.

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Perhaps your question has been already asked, and a quick click is all it will take to get an answer.

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Onboarding Checklist

We don’t just streamline your connectivity; Juniper is here to make the most of your time, too. Connect in days, not months.

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