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When Business Is Not Just Business and Food Is Love

 Thanks so much!  Your ongoing participation is vital as we Come Together to pursue our summer mission to show all the love to our extended Ukrainian “family” of friends, neighbors and colleagues currently experiencing desperate need.  

Every order placed for your products on JuniperMarket since June 1st has already resulted in funds for Chef Jose’ Andres and his World Central Kitchen (WCK) team. Per order, $5 (up to $5000) is being donated to support the thousands of fresh meals WCK continues to serve to displaced Ukrainians. What an encouraging example of how every little bit helps to answer needs and raise vital awareness! 


Many of you with showrooms at Market are making additional contributions this month – matching buyer donations, rounding up, and doing all you can to provide both a dinner table and a place at it. As you enjoy visiting with your buyers face to face, we invite you to share the story behind these efforts with them. 

Any of us can make a direct contribution -- either personally or on behalf of our business -- online via And please feel free to include this QR Code in any display or communication you share. Think of it as your easy evite for everyone to join this most important dinner party.  

gift-for-life-qr-codeCopy, save and use to invite others to the giving table.


Our community fundraising efforts extend through August 1, so there’s still time to let your customers know that each order they place on JuniperMarket up to that date will double as a contribution. It’s a way for them to get a little extra oomph out of their summer outlay while making sure they’re staying ahead of the inventory game. 

It’s also an easy story to tell – it’s no cultural idiosyncrasy that food is love. So, thanks again for helping us share the love far and wide. And, if you get a chance, pass the peach cobbler this way, please! 

thank you