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Why Should I Care About PCI Compliance?

It’s not just us saying “You can trust us” on your stroll down the magnolia-shaded lane of neighborly business affability. It’s us proving you can trust each and every transaction you capture using our Juniper by IMC™ solutions because we have taken all the right – all the necessary -- steps to protect you, your credit card data, and your customer. That’s why you should care when we say that we provide PCI compliance with all our sales and marketing tools. 

And, because we want you to know how each facet of a Juniper solution helps you, here is what that means. 

Whose Idea Is PCI Anyway? 

PCI-DSS is a global standard initiated by leading international credit organizations that provides a minimum, mandatory level of protection for credit card data. This involves the use of firewalls, proper password protections, and encryption algorithms. Simply put, you are protecting every layer of your customers’ information while also protecting your reputation—arguably your most valuable asset. 

Is That All There Is? 

No method of electronic protection is ever wrapped up with a bow and fully complete. The always-growing, ever-changing world of technology means that continual monitoring and updating is not only necessary but should be proactive. The most crucial and frequent updates start with firewalls and anti-virus software, but also apply to most software products. Especially important are updates for software on interactive devices. 

But How Does That Help Me? 

All of these security measures, both initial and ongoing, are key to preventing data breaches. Not only do the safety factors provided by PCI compliance make you a less vulnerable target for cyberattack, but they also provide a security standard that serves to insure your brand AND your bottom line.  

While the monetary costs of fines and compensation are significant enough for your CPA to blanch at that possibility, the cost to your reputation and customer confidence in you can be even more crippling. We know just the two words “data breach” are enough to bring on palpitations that rival those caused by a late-night reading of a Stephen King novel. 

While PCI is not a law (but a standard created by major credit card brands), more and more financial institutions are requiring PCI compliance in order to take credit card orders over the web. Bankers and payment processors have even been known to terminate their relationship with an offending merchant beyond the financial penalties they opt to impose.  

So, you can see how crucial it is to the well-being of your business to choose not only the best design of products to serve your ecommerce needs, but those that have built protective armor for your investment. 

It’s All About Trust. 


Would you trust a business with your business if you thought it likely your credit card information could be stolen? Conversely, how much is it worth to your business to gain, retain, and expand the business you do with customers who trust not only your product but your willingness to “insure” it and them? 

Eric Dean, President of Juniper by IMC, has noted that the unique nuances of the B2B ecommerce landscape require a special wisdom regarding the tools employed. If you start with fraud protection and the earned, deserved trust of your customers, it’s that much easier to complete a safe and seamless sales experience like Juniper offers. 

What’s the Bottom Line? 

Coming full circle, we’re willing to put our money where your trust is. We don’t simply ask for your trust in both the efficacy of our solutions and their safe implementation. We provide it every time your customer pays for their purchase by credit card…and our aim is to help you make that a frequent and fruitful occurrence. 

So keep buying and selling with abandon while Juniper has your back with PCI compliant solutions. Let’s be careful out there!