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Learn Why B2B Wholesalers Trust Juniper to Transform Their Wholesale Businesses

Our case study archive, coming soon, is full of stories from B2B wholesale businesses that trust JuniperCommerce + JuniperMarket to manage some of the most important aspects of their operations. Wholesale is still a very word-of-mouth industry, and it's gratifying to have so many happy clients willing to share their successes.  

We’re putting the finishing touches on the archive now and can’t wait to share it with you. Until then, let’s talk about why JuniperCommerce + JuniperMarket customers rely on the solutions in their own words. 

It’s made for wholesalers—and wholesalers only 


If you’ve read our Shopify blog, you know that industry-built solutions will almost always treat you better than general-purpose alternatives. And as Juniper customers Ditz Designs and The Round Top Collection said in their case studies, that distinction becomes especially important when it comes to the solutions powering your sales transactions and other core tasks.  

"We thought Shopify could offer us a wholesale site. [Their wholesale offerings] were very expensive and they just didn't understand our industry. We let that ship sail."​ – Samantha Wilhelm, principal at Ditz Designs 

In these clients’ cases, support, pricing, reliability, and overall functionality became areas of concern when they adapted “wholesale” tools made by general-purpose ecommerce vendors such as Shopify (and their wholesale offering, Handshake).  

  • For Ditz Designs, switching to our industry-built alternative helped recapture churned buyers and double the amount of online revenue the business took in. Their previous online sales component lacked the ability to carry out complex sales because it didn’t fully understand the industry Ditz Designs operates in. We do.  
  • The Round Top Collection, meanwhile, shaved 10 to 15 minutes off each showroom transaction when they switched to RepZio by Juniper (a component of our JuniperCommerce suite). This gave them more facetime with customers that ultimately created bigger, better sales opportunities with every buyer engagement. 

Those are not small changes—they’re transformative improvements. And for the customers we highlight in our case study archive, the biggest step in making that transformation is using solutions that understand the B2B wholesale industry inside and out.  

It enables speed and accuracy in the showroom  


The Round Top Collection wasn’t the only customer in our archive to talk about speedier showroom orders with RepZio by Juniper, though. For Zuo and My Saint My Hero, our offerings—which include JuniperMarket and RepZio by Juniper—provided a pivot point away from manual processes that impacted the bottom line.  

“It’s easy for our reps to get orders in quicker—get more done in a day. They can literally double what they’re doing, because of the ease.” – Amy D’Ambra, Founder and Co-Owner at My Saint My Hero 

Just like The Round Top Collection, My Saint My Hero reports saving 10 to 15 minutes on every showroom transaction with RepZio by Juniper. Perhaps even more importantly, their digital system protects the business against input errors and other problems that historically created logistics slowdowns for the company.  

It was much the same story for Zuo. Their CEO, Luis Ruesga, told us the company effectively doubled the amount of SKUs it was able to sell per showroom transaction thanks to RepZio by Juniper’s presence; this is in part because the company is better able to manage its bustling showroom activity, with fewer manual processes to slow things down.   

It reduces churn and creates higher-quality orders 


Buyers want to do business online, and they’re happy to move to brands that offer the capability if their current wholesale partners do not. That was the lesson Ditz Designs learned early in 2020, when a specific number of longtime buyers (temporarily) stopped doing business with companies that couldn’t accommodate complex online orders due to the pandemic. By switching to JuniperWeb, the company didn’t just see a 57% increase in price per online order—they recaptured a number of buyers and managed to stay afloat in a time when many other B2B wholesale companies were forced to shutter.  

My Saint My Hero reported similar wins, notching a total of eight important recaptures based on the strength and capability of our solutions:  

“More customers who haven’t ordered with us recently are placing orders now because they can go online and do it themselves.” – Andrew Cabrera, IT Manager at My Saint My Hero 

The reasoning here is easy to understand. JuniperWeb (a part of our JuniperCommerce platform) and JuniperMarket bring the entire wholesale buying experience to the buyer’s web browser, including custom pricing levels and whole-inventory browsing. That allows businesses to offer a compelling self-service option to their existing buyers—as well as new ones who only make purchases online, something numerous customers across our case study archive brought up.  

It keeps the entire business informed 


Returning to the showroom for our final finding, it’s clear that an interconnected sales process ensures a smooth transition from in-person to online buying. Keeping information fresh and current on a busy sales floor—or providing up-to-the-minute sales data to remote reps—is next to impossible with paper-based practices. And as Zuo CEO Luis Ruesga told us, that makes it extremely important to choose tools that facilitate the flow of information everywhere you do business. 

"Getting information to our sales force is the most important thing we've accomplished, both with RepZio by Juniper and JuniperMarket." – Luis Ruesga, CEO at Zuo 

Here are three examples of what we mean… 

  • When a sales rep can’t get up-to-the-minute inventory info, they can’t accurately relay stock levels to showroom customers, which can create slowdowns and errors. 
  • When a company must wait until a set time to get stock and sales info—such as end-of-day or end-of-show invoice processing—the situation creates delays that can impact business intelligence, rep compensation, sales attribution, inventory oversight, and more.  
  • Meanwhile, when ordering errors are made with manual processes, the result is often messy for the business, which must fix its manual inputs in multiple systems to reconcile the problem.  

Thus, in a hectic showroom, any solution that gives maximum information with minimal human input can be a helpful presence. When a manager can quickly send a sales report to a mobile rep, or a sales professional can quickly confirm stock levels via the same app they’re using to place orders, the business sidesteps information silos that occur via standard invoicing. 

Note that these benefits don’t stop at sales reps. Austin Krause, VP of Operations at The Round Top Collection, told us there’s an undeniable “cool factor” for buyers when road-based sales reps can quickly send off a digital catalog or tearsheet from their iPad—helping The Round Top Collection’s sales team close more sales and create a better overall brand experience for buyers.  

See the Full Case Study Archive 

Check back soon for our full case study archive—full of information on B2B wholesale businesses that use JuniperCommerce + JuniperMarket to conquer new sales channels and digitally transform with ease.