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JuniperWeb Feeds the Need

“These most recent JuniperWeb commitments show a hunger for the advantages our platform provides.”

That was Eric Dean, President of Juniper by IMC™, as his company announced the commitment made by 17 leading gift and home vendors to adopt JuniperWeb to advance their B2B ecommerce presence. Just as the first Market of 2021 was taking flight in Atlanta, Juniper was welcoming these new JuniperWeb customers on board, with five of the companies already live.

Action Imports, Bethany Lowe Designs, Cyan Design, Foreside Home and Garden, and Torre & Tagas Designs Ltd are using their proprietary wholesale websites powered by JuniperCommerce to start the 2021 selling season by meeting their customers wherever they are in this new year.

Twelve additional brands will be live and selling online via JuniperWeb within weeks: Beatriz Ball, Brownlow Gifts, Feizy, Jaunty Company, Kaleen Rugs, Kashi Enterprises, The LANG Companies, Marshall Group: PS Designs, Oxygen, Quorum, SPX Brands, and Winward Home. This cost-effective, thoroughly integrated, and easy to maintain tool from the Juniper suite of digital solutions is the next arm of outreach for these Market vendors and brands.


More Important Than Ever: Attractive, Reliable, User-Friendly Websites.

“We recognize the importance of an attractive, reliable and user-friendly website, and the pandemic has made website and email marketing campaigns more important than ever,” said Jeff Roser, operation manager at Brownlow Gifts.

Having connected with Juniper through Brownlow’s permanent Market showroom, Roser went on to explain that “JuniperWeb simplifies our PCI-DSS compliance requirements through tokenized credit card payments and [it] streamlines order processing through centralization of orders coming from both sales reps and the website.”

Because JuniperWeb also offers a comprehensive sales agency package, 11 leading gift and home sales agencies representing 230+ top brands have committed to adopting the tool as well. Looking forward to 2021 with the added advantage of expanded ecommerce, sales automation, and data management capabilities are CMA, J. Grob, Sales Producers, Simblist Group, and The Link Companies’ seven agencies (Link2Sales, The Southern Link, The Central Link, The Northern Link, TMA Link, Total Accessories, and Key Sales).

Frictionless Buying, Connected Selling, and Mobilized Data Being Served Now.

While major market trends have their storied place in this industry, it’s even more important to see where the future of the entire industry lies. Clearly discerning the industry future of frictionless buying, connected selling, and mobilized data is what led to the strategic development of JuniperWeb and the rest of the Juniper suite. The suite includes the supplier-facing software enablement tools for sales management, product information management, and customer management.

With the 2021 launch of JuniperMarket (the new B2B digital marketplace), IMC will have achieved its ecosystem zenith of being able to connect buyers and sellers anytime and everywhere while also providing all the logistical support to do so in one complete and integrated package.

With IMC seeing the future of B2B commerce and Juniper feeding the need, they have indeed laid a bountiful table for the Furniture, Gift, Home Décor, and Apparel industries.

Bon Appetit!