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How RepZio by Juniper Kickstarts Sales: Four Major Wins for Your Sales Reps

Imagine a world where your sales reps can instantly browse products, inventory levels, and place orders. 

That’s how the sales page for RepZio by Juniper opens up, and you’ve got to admit it’s a pretty good world to imagine. In fields like B2B wholesale, that kind of capability can be a real win.

Now what if you could take that capability and apply it to any device, anywhere your reps were working?  

And then, what if you made it work in any sort of network connectivity environment—including ones where there’s no internet available?  

That’s what RepZio by Juniper does—and it excels. In terms of sales empowerment and support, we’re beyond proud of what we’ve got to offer the market, and we’d like to take this space to show you why.  

With no further delay, here are just a few reasons RepZio by Juniper should be your next digital implementation. Or you could just schedule a demo now, because you’re going to want to by the time you’re done reading.  


Reason 1. RepZio by Juniper Lives Everywhere 


For our first point, let’s lead with a challenge every company in this space has faced: making sure the software at hand works flawlessly with the hardware that’s available to reps, managers, and others involved in the sales process.  

We aim to eliminate this pain point in a few distinct ways. First, our dedicated iOS app works just great on all your iOS devices; when your reps visit the market with their slick connected iPads, the first thing buyers see is an amazing-looking, highly functional app that “just works” as their salesperson takes and assembles orders on the go. But if a rep needs to place a quick order after hours via their iPhone, that works just great too; the app pulls from the same data sources, such as our leading data management tool JuniperData, no matter which device is being used. 

Our second approach involves our revolutionary webapp, which lets your team access core functions from any supported web browser. This is an advanced, less technically demanding process that pushes the backend processing and work to our side and lets RepZio by Juniper flourish anywhere your business needs it, pushing our core capabilities beyond “just” the iOS landscape.  

And best of all, we truly mean everywhere: the iOS version works both online and off, pulling data from its most recent connection when reps must sell in an environment without network connectivity and uploading the pertinent changes your rep makes when they reconnect. Until internet is really “everywhere,” that’s an excellent way to work around limited connectivity.  

Reason 2: Our Reps Know Your Industry 


RepZio by Juniper, like all JuniperCommerce products, is guided by our parent company, International Market Centers (IMC), and their expertise in connecting B2B wholesale buyers with B2B wholesale sellers 

So when it comes to our reps, let’s break down the advantages:  

  • Sales is here to have a frank conversation about your actual business needs, not push you into a bunch of ill-advised purchases that don’t align with your goals.  
  • Onboarding is sensitive to the challenges businesses in your field face when undergoing a major software implementation, and they do everything within their considerable power to lessen friction points and make for a seamless transition.  
  • Support, meanwhile, understands the ins and outs of the product as it relates to the businesses it serves, allowing for faster resolution and far more competence in the contact center.  

In other words—you don’t have to shoehorn us in, because we come with a broad understanding of what your working world looks like. From there, we dial things in a few steps, and you’re connecting with more online buyers than ever soon thereafter.  

Reason 3: Two words. Container. Orders. 

inventoryRepZio by Juniper lets you quickly write container orders, which will help you save a ton of time. 

If that’s not the understatement of the year, we don’t know what is. When presented with the option between grappling for individual bits of inventory and trying to piece them together in a paper container invoice or quickly managing inventory and sales from a single app… well, it’s clear what the better choice is for anyone in our industries 

And if you don’t know for sure—ask your sales team. The outspoken members will definitely tell you which is preferable.  

Reason 4: We’re Always Iterating—and Improving 


We’re a specialist product serving a somewhat niche market (in the overall world of wholesale), and we’re proud of what we make.  

And for you, that ultimately means a product that works as advertised or better from day one and just keeps improving from there. That also matches our larger design philosophy, which makes customer feedback an integral part of the refinement process and ensures all our feature update have specific value for customers in our specific industries.  

Empower Your Sales Teams and More With RepZio by Juniper

We hope at minimum this gives you a deeper understanding of what RepZio by Juniper can do for your sales teams from a technical and support sense.  

More—we’d love to show you in detail what RepZio by Juniper and the expanded JuniperCommerce platform can do. Click the button below to get moving on a revolutionary technology team for your sales and beyond.