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Did They Just Yank Your Handshake Away?

Don’t go for the kneejerk response.

Use this opportunity to find the best replacement – one that’s perfect for your business now and able to grow with you into the Fourth Information Age and an intergalactic future. Okay, maybe that should read interconnected, but this really is about the future success of your business.

Today’s B2B commerce happens anytime, anywhere -- and yes, speed matters. Time is a limited commodity and sales success is about relationships. You need more time for the sales relationships that can be helped along by speedy, streamlined sales tools and services that are an enhancement, not an impediment.

But now is also the right time to assess your needs so that your choice of tools aligns with both the “What do I do now?” urgency and the “Where do I see my company three years from now?’ intentionality.

Working and Winning Now

RepZio is here, working and winning in the now. Akin to what Handshake once was, RepZio is a universal sales app that your reps can access with any mobile device.  

With RepZio, can you still: 
  • Manage orders?  ✔️
  • Track appointments? ✔️
  • Employ customizable reports?✔️
Want to do even more with RepZio? 
  • Access real-time product inventory  
  • Conduct in-field inventories to assemble and share presentations instantly 
  • View the activities of your customers to sell and service proactively 


RepZio, a member of the evolutionary Juniper by IMC™ family, gives your sales team second sight...kind of like the eyes your mother always had in the back of her head. Your reps can see, in real-time, what the buyers are doing so they can offer guidance, recommendations, and suggestions. There are things that people – and only people – can do, and RepZio facilitates the time and capability for that.  

Just as important as your 24/7 sales vision and reach is your ability to tap into RepZio’s dedicated customer service that is the roux to your sales gumbo. This highly praised customer success team keeps your sales force cooking on all burners – their focus stays on selling, not data-chasing. 

Home and Away, Far and Away -- the Best B2B Sales App

RepZio is also grounded in the big picture of our wholesale industry – as much at home in the IMC Markets as it is on the road. There is not another digital sales tool that can so fully integrate connectivity throughout your business. And makes all of it easy. 

No brick-and-mortar captive, RepZio gives your sales team agility while in the showroom that then flies in formation with them, online and on-the-road. By having the showroom travel with each rep via their mobile device, you’re maximizing the reach and value of both your sales and IT teams without adding extra hotel rooms to the monthly expense report.  

Why Muddle through Multichannel When You Can Be Truly Omnichannel?

The Juniper ecosystem is where RepZio connects to the future – where you won’t have to juggle a digital version of chainsaws to effectively connect and integrate all aspects of your business. Onboard data once and – unless you’re making an easy update – you’re fully integrated into the Juniper system, ready to share your wares and sell away.  

No need to stop there! If you really want your brand out in front of your sales team, add JuniperWeb and your own proprietary website to your omnichannel system. Extend your showroom beyond its four walls and into the online dimension, where your turn-key solution adds uninterrupted continuity and a 24/7 member to your sales team – never missing a familiar customer with a tight deadline or a new customer with insomnia. 

Sometimes change really is for the best, even when it’s unexpected. To quote an oldie-but-goodie, “You were only waiting for this moment to be free.” And we’re just waiting to escort you into that freedom.  

 It’s RepZio Time!