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Five Reasons JuniperMarket Sellers Need the Whole Juniper by IMC Experience

Building a Best-in-Class Experience Across ALL Platforms with JuniperCommerce 


Valued JuniperMarket Sellers: Is your space on the market a one-stop shopping experience or is it an invitation to delve into something more?  

What measures are you taking to ensure your buyers KEEP buying once that initial transaction is complete?  

The short answer: If you don’t have an ecosystem in place, you’re missing out on building a much longer-lived relationship with your JuniperMarket buyers.  

That’s where JuniperWeb comes into play.

Designed to augment and expand the activity you generate on JuniperMarket, JuniperWeb—a component of our larger JuniperCommerce suite—helps turn the traffic we send your way into a lengthier, more productive relationship with just the buyers you want.  

Let’s break down how that can help—and when you’re done, you can sign up for a demo, if you’d like.  

Benefit 1: Full Turnkey eCommerce 


We’re the red figure in this image, in case you were curious. 


For businesses, just getting a basic website up can be a tricky, costly affair. Building one that allows you to do high volumes of secure transactions with buyers from all over the globe—with full PCI compliance, of course—is even trickier.  

JuniperWeb takes the simplicity of setting up a JuniperMarket space—and applies it to your entire website. That means you can get a full B2B website running in weeks, not months, and have it done at a fraction of the cost you’d sink building it all from the ground up.  

Benefit 2: More Quality Touchpoints=Longer, Better Buyer Relationships 

customer-journey-mapWhat does your customer journey look like? How many quality touchpoints does it contain? 

Ideas like touchpoints and customer journeys
are nothing new, even in businesses serving B2B clientele. But there is something to be said for B2B companies that make it a point to create memorable journeys and touchpoints ala retail for their clients.  

Why? The arithmetic here is simple: The more places people have to shop once they make that initial impression of your brand, the more likely they’ll be to follow through on converting. And that likelihood only grows the more smooth, convenient, and generally awesome that experience is.  

So when you set your organization up with a B2B website via JuniperWeb, you don’t just up your exposure—you improve the quality of that exposure. All without spending time and money to figure out what works best at all your various touchpoints.  

Benefit 3: Different Tools for Different Needs 

digital-toolkitYou wouldn’t use a hammer for a chisel job.  

Then there’s the fact that JuniperWeb and JuniperMarket—while functionally similar in many regards—are ultimately two different tools built to suit two distinct business needs.

JuniperMarket puts your brand and offerings alongside other leading sellers, where thousands of verified buyers can peruse and make purchases from your store or the stores of our other merchants. The model is very much like the market spaces we operate in cities like Las Vegas and Atlanta, except JuniperMarket is obviously all online.  

JuniperWeb, meanwhile, puts your brand front and center. Only your products and your branding are shown on your B2B site. In other words, this is the sort of place you would direct your longstanding customers to: the shop buyers land at when they type your URL in the browser. (Using the market example above, you could consider your B2B website your own standalone shop.)  

In this sense, you can consider our Web and Market offerings two sides of the same coin—or a funnel that starts with all-new buyers finding you via JuniperMarket, then engaging more frequently via your exclusive JuniperWeb B2B website as the relationship deepens.  

Benefit 4: Differentiated Pricing Models 

differentiated-pricing-modelsMore models=more ways to save. 


Our Market and Web pricing models further illustrate the individual value each service brings sellers and buyers.  

First, let’s consider how JuniperMarket works. As a shared selling space, sellers on our online market only pay when a transaction occurs; there’s no monthly charge for hosting. Paying only when you sell removes a lot of the risk associated with selling online and speaks to our Market’s role in connecting sellers to new buyers.  

By contrast, you can consider your JuniperMarket B2B website an investment for your longer-term clientele. Think buyers you cultivate in the real-world market, or indeed through JuniperMarket. Here, the flat monthly fee you pay also includes your transaction costs, meaning you can keep handling transactions with buyers over your site in the long-term without losing a cut each time.  

The difference speaks to the different use cases present in each service. More, it provides a clear-cut funnel to ongoing success: build the number of eyeballs on your brand through the Market, then the number of satisfied long-term customers via your expanded JuniperWeb presence 

Benefit 5: Fuller Integration with Juniper by IMC 

Without bragging too much, Juniper by IMC has only been able to build out its position because its parent company—IMC—brings expert-level understanding of the industries it services. For our customers, that means a full slate of tools designed to:  

  • Remove friction  
  • Drastically mitigate certain common pain points 
  • Completely sidestep others 
  • Speed adoption of employee- and customer-facing digital technology 

And for you, that means a whole lot of good. Our growing suite of software tools can empower your staff, centralize your knowledge, and keep everyone in your expanded business network synchronized—and the benefits only grow the more JuniperCommerce tools you link into.