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Color Your Sales with the 2022 Color of the Year

You’ve seen it coming – the paint companies have been announcing their color of the year since early Q4. Along with walls, it’s a color that promises to paint your bottom line a welcome shade. The question is: Are you ready to capture the market for all things misty, leafy, foggy ... and treasury ... green? 

From Benjamin Moore’s October Mist to Sherwin-Williams Evergreen Fog to Laurel Leaf by Better Homes and Gardens (and more), the move to bring the organic and cleansing serenity of the outdoors into our interior lifestyle is all about earthy comfort. With color trend representation across the home furnishings and décor spectrum, and products that are both green and natural, it’s time to get your buyers up to speed on how to do exactly that. 

Prime Your Sales Pump 

While your showrooms are under renovation for Winter Markets – your team once again climbing ladders and wielding screwdrivers – you can simultaneously warm up your customers and prime your sales pump by sharing your new, trend-right products for both early sales and preparatory curation. One sure way to get out in front of your customers and their planning is with JuniperMarket. Take a look at some examples of what your buyers are already seeing – and adding to their shopping lists. 

dorian 2-seat sofa_lg2Nature’s green as the new neutral on this Dorian 2-Seat Sofa by Enza Home USA

This tufted two-seat sofa from Enza Home USA, speaking the sophisticated mossy gray-green language of Sherwin-Williams Evergreen Fog paint color, is a great example of how to help your buyers move their customers forward into the fresh realm of design thought while still addressing the neutral roots so well-entrenched in many interiors.  

Embrace the Botanical Attitude

Or consider how other accent furnishings might be just the thing to edge the buyer towards embracing a botanical attitude. Paired side chairs, like the Wing Green Ice Floss chair by C.J. Marketing Ltd could be the décor toe-into-the-water that leads to the minty feel of Behr’s Breezeway, while a side table of any size, like this piece from North American Country Home, could offer a singular yet punctuating presence that might be preferable in other scenarios. 


Just one piece, like this Macedonia 9-Drawer Side Table by North American Country Home, can help a room catch a bit of 2022 earthiness and Zen.

Underfoot could be the way to literally lead them down the garden path. Like the traditional Bradford area rug from Feizy and the Bee Print Garden Carpet from North American Country Home, this Augusta Matira area rug from United Weavers of America brings the soft subtlety of a nature walk to ground any interior setting. Whether it’s the sole nod to nature in a room or the base for more herbal-hued accessorizing, capture your buyer’s attention – and the sale – with an item that is both a design staple and an easy-to-envision refresh. 

3900 10845 69_lgUnited Weavers of America bringing your nature walk home with this area rug. 

Speaking of using green in all of your accessorizing, it can run the gamut from plant life (they’ll need pots, too, right?) to wall art to objets d’arts ... and a lot in between! Get them greening up tabletop sales with platters and bowls like these from Dock 6 Pottery or table linens like this Patina Green Diamond series from Design Imports. Help them feel PPG’s Olive Sprig vibe come alive on every surface.  

Show Off and Show Green 

As for pots and other home décor delights – show them what you’ve got! From the glam designers who will gravitate towards something like the Maisha Vase by Cyan Design to those nature loving retailers looking to truly go indoor/outdoor with something like this three-legged pot by Flora Bunda, put it all out there in the same lush profusion that greenery often showcases itself. 

10492_lgGo lush and luxe with this Maisha Vase by Cyan Design 


So, be a show-off! Let your buyers see just how many options you offer to help them reach their customers with the new looks they want while also allowing them to continue to curate their unique signature as a retailer or designer all year long.  

And while you’re setting up your showroom at Market to do just that, be sure to capture all the rest of their shopping time and attention before and after Market on JuniperMarket, where your buyers can craft their designs, draft shopping lists to review with your reps, and place orders whenever they want.  

Who says it can’t be easy going green?