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Here Comes the Sun

What Claire Gleeson Looks for in Each Day and Brings to Your Juniper Experience

“I try to start my day looking to see the sun first.”

That’s Claire Gleeson, Inside Sales Representative for Juniper’s Digital Sales, talking about how she connects with her environment so she’s then ready to connect with everyone and everything that her day will bring. That positive energy infuses all her conversations as Claire helps to share Juniper with all those the technology is designed to serve.

claire-team2Wearing the team colors – in this case, greys and grins.


Claire channels people like she channels sunshine. She loves to listen to our industry colleagues – asking questions to get to know them, their product, and what they want or need to grow their business. Their animated tales of life as a one-person show or small business, their love of their product and what they’re doing with it – all that conversation provides the staple diet of Claire’s day as she listens and learns about each customer.

I love the opportunity to meet people, have conversations, and build relationships. They enjoy sharing all they’re doing and, not only do I enjoy hearing it, I love how it gives me insight into helping them get where they want to be.


The Business of Relationships, Person to Person

Claire’s first foray into the business of relationships began near her hometown, doing event planning for the City of Baltimore. Just like her work with Juniper, Claire understands that to successfully sell something you have to believe in it. Selling her “second” hometown came easily, fortified as it was by her firsthand intimacy with all that makes Baltimore unique – things like the vibe and views of the Inner Harbor, where history vibrates against the explosion of new growth and energy and Vaccaro’s inimitable pastries are just a water taxi ride away in Little Italy. (IYKYK. And so does your scale. 😮 )

claire-group-shotThe easy, breezy energy of the Juniper team at Market. There’s Claire -- front and center! 


The same goes for her relationship with Juniper. The excitement Claire feels about Juniper’s products and possibilities is the reason it’s so easy and fulfilling for her to introduce and explain the many ways Juniper tools can bring solutions to businesses of all sizes.

It’s cool to see so many customers calling us to hear more about Juniper. With JuniperMarket up and running, they want to find out about all the moving parts of Juniper. I help them see how it can work for them.

Claire also credits the Juniper sales team for the success of and pleasure in her daily efforts. While she enjoys the autonomy of managing her days, she likewise relishes the growth and learning that comes from being a member of this gung-ho team. To Claire, it feels much like the same kind of honing and camaraderie she enjoyed as an athlete in high school and college, with each experience building confidence along with advancing skills and knowledge.

claire-teamMaking the dream work with teamwork.


Dedication and Inspiration

Even in her down time, she works to creatively refine her abilities. When you just can’t escape your love of challenge ... and confections ... you feed the hunger – which is exactly why you’ll find Claire using her free time perfecting a French tarte, learning how to make ice cream, and producing patisserie-quality birthday cakes and decorated cookies for special people and occasions. Claire’s dedication to craft and process is deep-rooted, inspired by her role model mother who is a business owner herself.

I never felt the pressure of what I was supposed to do. I just saw that I COULD do it.

It's easy to see why Claire’s favorite quote, a Teddy Roosevelt classic, is “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” It might be time, though, to get her the next adage in an inspirational sequence. What’s a good quote for someone who’s already more than halfway there and taking everyone with her on a rocket ride to the stars?