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Bringing You Time for Life While Bringing Life to Your Business

Waking to the thought of time to languish over a cup of freshly ground pour-over coffee is Anne’s favorite way to start her day.

A Day in the Life of Anne – with Juniper by IMC™


Because her business keeps typical retail hours, Anne’s work at the office doesn’t need to begin as the rush hour commute ends. But it can get a leisurely head start now, over coffee, as she peruses JuniperMarket™ – seeking all the newest products, marking favorites, and starting carts as she sips her coffee and watches the birds outsmart the squirrel at the birdfeeder.

“Ahhh, this is why I do what I do…” she thinks to herself, excitedly noting the new products in the inventory of her favorite brand along with a new vendor she has discovered and knows will be just perfect for her customers. She heads to the shower with energized visions of the day ahead, to steam and steep her ideas and herself.

A 360-Degree View of the Wholesale Shopping Horizon

In the meantime—and without taking up any of her personal or business time—Anne’s Sales Rep can see all her activities and be ready to help at any point along the way. Using the Juniper suite of tools, his help can focus specifically on what she’s interested in, to both Anne’s and his benefit. His ongoing, 360-degree view of her orders lets him provide real-time updates and information, offering constant assistance without requiring more of her valuable time.

Anne’s marketplace shopping carts show her need for merchandise that’s in stock and ready for delivery, while her favorites point to her preparations for the upcoming seasons. All this easy and efficient interaction, happening virtually over a morning cup of coffee, allows Anne to devote her time and energies to keeping her customers buying and happy.

Juniper Brings Ease and Balance

And it allows for a work-life balance that keeps her happy, too. She can stay informed and updated when working with customers or visiting her stores, giving each her undivided attention instead of losing this productive time to behind-the-scenes follow-up. Her JuniperMarket account provides continuing support, even keeping her alerted to real-time shipping and delivery information.

As her day draws to a close, she heads home to family dinner and a relaxing evening. Who knows? Relaxing might even include some extra browsing on JuniperMarket. Really…is there anything better than shopping with your feet up while wearing comfy sweats and fuzzy slippers, an evening libation at your side?

To Market, to Market!

Another favorite thought for Anne upon waking is the one that greets a Market day! The energy and excitement of Market translate to a more up-and-at-‘em morning routine, but Juniper is still at work, making Anne’s life easy. She’s prepped and ready to go, having pre-registered through her JuniperMarket account.

Some of that shopping at the breakfast table has helped her research products and build her plan for Market. And all her data is saved and stored, keeping her hands free throughout the day for samples, swag…and coffee.


Because of Juniper’s relationship with IMC’s Markets, Anne’s trip is streamlined and synced with all the Market’s vendors. Her chosen brands are ready to get right to work with Anne, discussing her favorites and discovering new products that seem to fit in with her buying plan. The common data stored in Juniper means there aren’t lengthy forms to fill out before the real…and exciting…work can begin.

Market still holds all of its hallmark excitement and energy, but without the exhaustion. Actually, now it’s just up to Anne to decide if she wants to “shop till she drops!”

Real-time, Real Results

The next morning, Anne opts for another version of her preferred lowkey start, quickly reviewing her orders while still under the covers. She can even make updates then and there if needed, with no one questioning her choice of feline-covered flannel pajamas.


She’ll start another day easily facilitating the success of her business while enjoying the peace of mind to savor all she loves about it. She won’t have to worry about the status of her orders with JuniperMarket’s real-time tracking. She can easily prepare her store for the arrival of new products while also updating her ecommerce site with the product information and images instantly available to her from her vendors.

Anne has found her way back to the joy that first inspired her business. And you can, too. No need to trek up the steepest face of Mount Everest or visit an elusive…or expensive…guru for ecommerce enlightenment.

Choose Simple. Choose Powerful. Choose Connected.

Choose Juniper to experience your best future in wholesale commerce.