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A New Era. A New Market. Join the Evolution.

Raise your hand if you’ve left enough sneaker tread in your IMC Market showrooms and hallways over the years to shoe your high school track team for a season … at least. 

You’re in good company. Our favorite company, actually. 

While we’re all busy enjoying the frantic pace of feeding the intrinsic human (and buyer) need to hunt, gather and discover, Juniper by IMC is quietly evolutionizing the Market arena into the next era – a neo-Jurassic era if you will – where the only dinosaurs are those in the gift and toy collections of IMC vendors. This evolution is painless, prescient and transformative – but not at all exclusive. Or scary! Both sides of this wholesale coin can begin to Regain Calm and Market On, in person and on the about-to-launch JuniperMarket.

Meet some of our IMC Market vendors sharing the Juniper love and excitement as JuniperMarket gets ready to launch.

We recently checked in at Market with some of the industry’s vanguards – those already leading the way to connected, clickable buying while actively gussying up their online showroom for endless Market. From Atlanta to JuniperMarket to Las Vegas to JuniperMarket to High Point to JuniperMarket, it will soon be Market Day every day … and here’s what our vendors have to say about that.

“It’s Kind of a Revolutionary Idea.”

Dena Kay French, Designer and Key Account Sales Executive for A&B Home, cuts directly to the chase, saying, “We want to be able to show our customers, as often as possible, any new launches, any new product, any opportunities … JuniperMarket means that 365 days out of the year, we have Market” to do that.

A&B Home, renowned for their elegant Market showrooms and merchandise, will be launching their online showroom with JuniperMarket“Every day we have new product and you’ll see it firsthand on JuniperMarket!” 

Many vendors, like French, are eagerly anticipating the limitless opportunities a never-ending Market will present. Herren Hickingbotham, Owner of Park Hill Collection, says, “It’s kind of a revolutionary idea and we’re excited to be a pioneer, working with IMC on JuniperMarket.”

While JuniperMarket is admittedly (r)evolutionary, partnering with IMC on the cutting edge of Markets-as-B2B-Mastery is really nothing new for these vendors and agencies now taking the next step towards the future of wholesale buying and selling in the Gift, Home Décor, Furniture and Apparel industries.

Hickingbotham’s colleague and Director of Sales and Customer Care, Danah Hurst, likens the opening of this new frontier of a 24/7/365 marketplace to the inroads already made in facilitating sales with Park Hill’s use of the Juniper sales tool, RepZio. It’s pioneering made simple, Hurst says, with an ease that even applies to those less than tech-savvy, like her. “I tell everyone that if I can use it, you can use it,” she confirms.


Disruption, Workarounds and the Juniper Solution to It All

Ease of use is paramount for these busy vendors who are seeking to balance customer service with inventory management in the face of ongoing supply chain disruption. (All Hail 2020-21 workarounds!) Hurst extols the benefits of RepZio, which allows Park Hill sales reps to “effectively write orders both on the road and in the showroom. All those orders stream directly into our system … and will make the transition into JuniperMarket a seamless one.”

It’s that Market-to-Market-to-Market connection again, and it’s what everyone is thinking about as the launch of JuniperMarket draws near.

Ivystone is looking forward to incorporating in-person Market events with the new JuniperMarket experience. Year-round impact...fewer blisters.

Doug Cofiell, CEO of Ivystone, translates that same excitement from his agency perspective. “We think the ease of use and the fact that it integrates with all our current systems will allow us to bring JuniperMarket to the next level. It’s going to be an exciting experience – we’ll incorporate all the things we do when we come see you with all the things we do in our Markets in person and then connect it all across our systems, throughout the year.”

Market Excitement Goes Digital

It’s undeniably Red Bull-can-in-your-hand exciting when the highlight event of your selling seasons (Market!) transforms into your favorite daily activity – meeting any of your buyers wherever and whenever they might choose, curating your online showroom from your lumbar-supportive chair instead of a ladder, and introducing your new inventory as soon as you have it.

Diving into his description of Sullivan’s trend-right, mid-year launch themes, Nathan Skrove, Vice President of Product Development, emphasized the benefits of being able to show “so much different stuff...all year long, on Juniper Market. It’s a great place to see new products, and really shop on your own time...wherever you’d like to shop from.”

He sees answering the needs of all his buyers as answering them “whether it’s in person in our showroom, or shopping online, or with our reps, and JuniperMarket can help us achieve that … [buyers] being able to see all our products all year long.”

One. Huge. Plus.

It’s that rep connection – actually, the very aspect of COMPLETE connectivity – that sets Juniper by IMC and its new JuniperMarket apart from any stand-alone option. In its expansive connectivity, JuniperMarket will not only help you build a fully integrated ecosystem to address every aspect of your wholesale business, but it can also accommodate and be complementary to any other tool you might currently have. No painful rip-and-replace with JuniperMarket – just wide-open opportunity!

Here’s how Ron Knutson, VP of Sales and Marketing for SPI, describes the importance of that connectivity: “The one huge plus – and it really is huge – is that by using the JuniperWeb platform for our website, it ports automatically onto JuniperMarket. And to our reps and everything else. It’s all fully automatic. We use Sage as our back office; it’s all integrated, real time. We literally do not do a thing to set up the JuniperMarket website – it’s all done.”

shopping 7

A Tremont Floral display of merchandise selling now in their Market showrooms and soon on JuniperMarket. “We want to be in front of as many customers as we can.”

Barry Todd, Vice President of Tremont Floral, messaged by way of the same drumbeat. “Being integrated with the Market was one of the big selling points. RepZio, JuniperWeb and JuniperMarket: all those things tied together – and then the support staff here at Market – was a big factor in our decision” to integrate Tremont Floral’s IMC Market relationship with Juniper.

No Stumbling, Just Smooth Selling

As Barry mentions, the Juniper support staff that helps you stay connected is no mere cherry on the top of your Sonic limeade. Customer success is your success, and Juniper prescience once again wins that day. The Juniper team is with you all along: for onboarding and training, before you think to call them for in-field guidance, and even via YouTube tutorial.

Dianna Duffy Thompson, Director of Sales for Skyros Design, summarized her experience with Juniper’s Customer Success Team by saying “From the very beginning, everything has been very smooth … they’ve been extremely available to answer any of our simple OR difficult questions. Then [for us] to come to Market and be assured that someone would be here to help us stumble through that first day – it wasn’t stumbling at all.”

Nope, no stumbling at all. But it IS all the fun, all the hype and all the coffee (if you have a coffee bar five steps from your desk like we do) that is Market – day in and day out, overnight and over cocktails – and no extra sneaker tread required! It’s as simple, as exciting, and as revolutionary as that. Because, as put so succinctly by a grinning Hector Hernandez, VP of Sales for Zuo, “JuniperMarket is like you coming to Market every single day!”

Pretty irresistible, yes?